• GLOW MAMA Massage Therapy & Bodywork

    nurture, connect, release
    GLOW MAMA Massage Therapy & Bodywork

    The Childbearing Year can be a physical, mental and emotional roller coaster – ranging from challenging fertility issues to elated pregnancy bliss, postpartum blues to newborn euphoria. Receiving massage therapy and bodywork throughout this time of dramatic change, challenge, stress, and joy can cultivate many healthy benefits on a number of levels.

    Fertility Massage

    Ideally performed in the time between a woman’s last menstruation and next ovulation, preconception massage aids in balancing and cleansing the body, releasing physical, mental and emotional tension, and promoting energy flow and circulation to the reproductive, endocrine and nervous systems, all to enhance chances of conception. *Partners/husbands are also encouraged to receive massage for all of these same benefits.

    Pregnancy Massage

    Receiving massage throughout pregnancy is a wonderful way to integrate the many changes a mother experiences physically, emotionally and mentally each trimester. Among the many benefits, pregnancy massage alleviates muscular tension and stress on weight-bearing joints, balances hormonal levels, brings more oxygen and nutrients to the placenta, promotes lymphatic drainage, calms the nervous system, and provides mom and baby with a nurturing touch, as well as a more connected mind and body for birth and motherhood. Pregnancy Massage is safe and appropriate for any stage of pregnancy when offered by a trained therapist.* For moms in their second and third trimester, cozy pillows are arranged to fully support them and their baby as they safely lay comfortably on both their side and semi-reclined.
    *Exceptions may be certain high-risk pregnancies, then it would be advised to seek your OB/midwife’s approval first.

    Postpartum Massage

    Postpartum massage, which can be received as soon as three days after a vaginal birth and two weeks after a cesarean birth, focuses on relieving any childbirth tension, and balancing and realigning the body. By incorporating heat therapy, the warmth and energy that was released from the birthing experience is brought back to nurture, as well as fortify the mother’s body.

    Rates (for all of the above)

    • 60 minutes

    • 75 minutes

    • 90 minutes



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    • Moira Abram-Hale</br><div class="credentials">LMT, CPT</div>

      Moira Abram-Hale

      LMT, CPT

      “What you seek is seeking you.”

      Moira received her massage and polarity therapy certification in 2003 from the Polarity Realization Institute in Ipswich, MA and has been practicing at GLOW since 2010. Her unique approach blends a variety of effective wellness therapies, crafting an individualized session that addresses each client’s particular needs at the time of treatment and overall wellness journey. She intuitively draws from her trainings in swedish massage, polarity, thai yoga massage, myofascial release, neuromuscular technique, reiki, ayurveda, sacred hot stones, herbal studies, as well as, her additional background in art and design. Consciously listening with her heart and her hands, Moira co-creates a rhythmic dance with each client’s body to meet, melt, and lengthen soft tissue, enhance joint motion and mobility, promote circulation and lymphatic drainage, balance the subtle fluids of the nervous and endocrine systems, and harmonize the energies of the body. Her nurturing, grounding, and easy-going presence throughout each customized session allows clients to reconnect and release on many levels.

      Having been a professional childbirth doula for 10 years, Moira also specializes in maternal wellness which includes extensive training in massage and bodywork for preconception/fertility, pregnancy, labor/childbirth, postpartum, and newborn/infant massage instruction.

      Moira enjoys a laid-back lifestyle tucked among the pine trees in Cape Neddick, Maine with her hockey-playing son and husband, and their two energetic German Shorthair Pointer dogs.

      email: moira@glowbodywork.com
      direct phone #: 978-500-1806

    • Laura Brogan</br><div class="credentials">LMT, Reiki Practitioner</div>

      Laura Brogan

      LMT, Reiki Practitioner

      “Your Healing Journey is Limitless.”

      Laura graduated from the Downeast School of Massage Therapy in 2000, with a specialty in the mind-body connection. She has been a Reiki Healer (“Master”- Level 3) in the Usui Lineage since 1997.

      Laura’s massage therapy sessions are designed to help people relax amidst the pressures of our busy modern lives. When relaxation happens, the nervous system “rewires”, and pain relief occurs. Laura works on the intuitive level to dial in to whatever her client needs are at that moment. Her areas of expertise include: relief of neck, shoulder, and back pain due to injury or repetitive movement, and relief of depression and stress using the neuromuscular and energetic systems to access and release emotions stored in the tissue.

      A Reiki session with Laura is an opportunity to hold a powerful healing space in which you can expect anything from deep relaxation to radical and profound release of limitations ranging from anxiety, insomnia, emotional and/or physical trauma, depression, and more. This “clothing on” form of energetic bodywork is perfect for people of all ages.

      Laura has been with GLOW since 2010. In addition, she has been a practitioner of Yoga for over 20 years, and teaches at Yoga East in Kittery.
      She is a lifelong year-round surfer, and lives with her husband and teenage son and daughter in Cape Neddick.
      email: laura@glowbodywork.com
      direct phone #: 207-251-1771

    • Amy Hopkins</br><div class="credentials">RN, LMT, CCCE, E-RYT</div>

      Amy Hopkins

      RN, LMT, CCCE, E-RYT

      “Be the change you wish to see in the world.”
      ~Mahatma Gandhi

      Amy Hopkins is an advocate for wellness – plain and simple. Since earning her nursing degree from the University of New Hampshire in 1997 and her massage certification from the Boulder College of Massage Therapy in 2001, she has spent years creating a body of professional wellness work.

      During her early years working in Maternal/Child nursing in various hospital settings, Amy’s interest in holistic medicine was reinforced as she saw first-hand the need for it in her patients and in herself. In 1998, an adventurous move to Colorado stimulated her passion for all-things-healthy, mind, body, and spirit. It was here that Amy realized that wellness would be her life’s work.

      In 2009, Amy opened GLOW, LLC – an innovative studio that is the culmination of Amy’s unique blend of expertise, commitment to wellness and desire to develop and share this holistic perspective with her community and beyond. Amy loves being “the face of GLOW” and promoting wellness through her teaching of massage and yoga, collaborating with her colleagues to create the best wellness plan for GLOW clients and students, building lasting professional relationships within her community, and with travel near and dear to her heart, Amy especially thrives on taking her professional trainings “on the road.”

      email: amy@glowbodywork.com
      direct phone #: 207-641-7353

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  • GLOW MAMA Acupuncture

    balance, heal, energize
    GLOW MAMA Acupuncture

    Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine have been shown to help women meet the unique challenges of pregnancy, encouraging optimal health for you and your baby. Our acupuncturist, Isabel Streichhahn-Demers, will tailor your treatment entirely to your needs and suggest treatments based on your unique symptoms and concerns. We highly recommend discussing any treatments or herbal supplements with all of your prenatal healthcare providers. During the childbearing years, acupuncture can help with the following:

    • back pain/sciatica
    • breech position
    • childbirth
    • constipation
    • edema (swelling)
    • fatigue
    • fertility
    • heartburn
    • hemorrhoids
    • labor and delivery
    • lactation
    • mastitis
    • nausea/vomiting
    • physical discomforts
    • post-cesarean birth
    • postpartum physical, psychological, & emotional imbalance

    Your initial 90 minute acupuncture appointment will consist of a consultation, intake, and tongue and pulse diagnosis to establish a treatment plan for you. Following the consultation will be an acupuncture treatment, which may include moxabustion, cupping, gua sha, and/or tui na as needed.

    • 90 minute Initial Appointment

    • 60 minute Follow-up Appointment



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    • Isabel S. Demers</br><div class="credentials">L.Ac., MAOM, Dipl. OM</div>

      Isabel S. Demers

      L.Ac., MAOM, Dipl. OM

      “Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished.”
      ~Lao Tzu

      Isabel received her Master’s of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (MAOM) from the New England School of Acupuncture, the oldest acupuncture school in the United States. She is licensed and board-certified to practice Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine in New Hampshire and Maine. Isabel’s gentle acupuncture style draws from Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Japanese acupuncture, and Kiiko Matsumoto style of acupuncture. Working in a variety of healthcare settings, from hospitals to community to private settings, Isabel has developed the ability to design comfortable and effective treatments to suit the individual needs of all her patients from infancy through our life long evolution. Isabel incorporates her background of Western herbalism, integrative health coaching (from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition), nutrition, psychology, and humanities to address each individual as a whole, focusing on a strong foundation to foster each person’s full potential for health. Isabel has been dedicated to honoring this complete medical system of Chinese Medicine that is over two thousand years old through the Eight Branches of Chinese Medicine that are used to stimulate the body’s inherent ability to heal itself.

      The Eight Branches of Chinese Medicine:
      1. Meditation
      2. Exercise
      3. Nutrition
      4. Cosmology/Astrology
      5. Feng Shui
      6. Bodywork
      7. Herbology
      8. Acupuncture

      Isabel has served on both the New Hampshire Acupuncture and Asian Medicine Board as well as the Maine Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine Board, and continues her studies through continuing education opportunities to continually be at the forefront of what acupuncture, health coaching, The Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy, and, herbal medicine can offer her patients.

      email: isabel@glowbodywork.com
      direct phone #: 207-400-7721

  • GLOW MAMA Aesthetics

    soothe, rejuvenate, glow
    GLOW MAMA Aesthetics

    Pregnancy GLOW Facial

    This purifying facial is based on traditional European techniques and is customized to suit the hormonal changes experienced during pregnancy.

    All facials are customized to your skin type and your personal concerns. All treatments use only nature’s best ingredients and do not contain any toxic dyes, fragrances or preservatives.


    • 60 minute facial

    • 30 minute express facial

    • Eyebrow wax

    • Lip or chin wax

    • Half leg wax

    • Full leg wax

    • Bikini wax



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    • Julie Casey-Fortier <br><div class="credentials">LE – Medically Trained</div>

      Julie Casey-Fortier

      LE – Medically Trained


      Julie has been practicing in the field of Esthetics for over 16 years. She is a graduate of Catherine Hinds School of Esthetics in Woburn MA.

      She began her journey in a very small, quaint spa in Kittery, ME, then moved on to larger wellness and spa settings, which brought her to team leadership and education and development of aesthetics practices, which eventually led her to spa ownership. After running her own business for several years in Dover, NH, Julie embarked on a new endeavor where she became Medically Trained to perform skincare in clinical settings.

      Throughout her colorful career Julie has learned all aspects of skincare – Holistic and Medical (or clinical theory) and has had a fantastic revelation – there is room for both! Julie has a wonderful “East meets West” approach to skincare delving into ancient concepts of balance and well-being while allowing new-age modalities and techniques to breathe new life into her treatments and skincare options. All of her treatments are very specifically customized through the help of her chosen skincare line – Elina Organics – where holistic principles and organic ingredients from around the world meet.

      Julie combines her two degrees, Graphic Designer and Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant, into her current practice as well as years of research and certifications, allowing for a well-rounded, creative, unbiased, and accepting approach to all who visit. It is no accident that she ended up at GLOW!

      Julie not only works in York, ME, but she is also a resident. She has a 15 year old son, who she adores, and spends her spare time running at the beach, hiking, and exploring any new adventure that may be active and entertaining. She has a very large family that she feels extremely grateful to spend as much time with as she does.
      Come get to know Julie, she’ s ready to help guide you on your personal path to skin health.

      email: julie@glowbodywork.com
      phone: 603-767-9196

    • Darcy Specker</br><div class="credentials">LE, RYT</div>

      Darcy Specker

      LE, RYT

      “Let the beauty we love be what we do. There are hundreds of ways to kneel and kiss the ground.”

      Darcy’s first love for aesthetics began during her childhood growing up with 3 sisters. They would often “play spa” taking turns pampering and spoiling one another with special treatments that included face masks and massage. Darcy believes there is a place in everyone’s heart that yearns for the inner and outer treatment of beauty. How well we nurture this yearning throughout our lifetime can be very important to our overall sense of wellbeing and happiness.

      Darcy graduated from the Aveda Institute of Minneapolis in 1997. This is where she was first introduced to the concepts of Ayurveda, aromatherapy and holistic skincare. Her path led her to the beautiful Monterey Peninsula of California, where she worked in the spa industry in Carmel. Being surrounded by incredible natural beauty, Darcy’s philosophy is simple-Beauty truly begins by nurturing our inner selves, along with incorporating a daily skincare regime into your life and pampering yourself with monthly maintenance facials-allowing you to radiate and GLOW!

      After a cross country move took she and her husband to another majestic place the seacoast of Maine. Darcy began practicing yoga while pregnant with her first born son. Darcy truly believes taking time to pause and nourish our mind, body, spirit connection is not only essential, but one of the greatest gifts we can give ourselves.

      Darcy is owner of Cider Hill Yoga in South Berwick, Maine. She has been teaching Vinyasa yoga since 2010. When she isn’t teaching you can find her playing in the surf with her 3 children, walking her dog at the beach or exploring new places.

      email: darcy@glowbodywork.com
      direct phone #: 207-351-5788