• Acupuncture Happy Hour

    community acupuncture
    Acupuncture Happy Hour

    GLOW’s Acupuncture “Happy Hour” is a community acupuncture experience allowing folks to receive treatments on a more consistent basis at an affordable rate. Treatments are performed in GLOW’s Studio Be, which is a safe, cozy space where you can lie quietly and comfortably in a peaceful room among others.
    Starting in October 2017, our Happy Hour is the first Thursday of every month from 5:45 to 6:45pm. PLEASE ARRIVE BETWEEN 5:45 AND 6:00pm FOR UP TO AN HOUR TREATMENT. DOORS WILL CLOSE AT 6:00pm TO MAINTAIN PEACEFUL ENVIRONMENT.

    *As of 4/1/16 anyone new to Happy Hour is required to have an initial private consult with our acupuncturist, Isabel, before registering for Happy Hour. If you have treatment-specific questions/concerns or if you are considering private acupuncture, please contact Isabel at isabel@glowbodywork.com. You must pre-register and pre-pay for Happy Hour. There is a flat fee of $20.

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    • Isabel Streichhahn-Demers</br><div class="credentials">L.Ac., MAOM, Dipl. OM</div>

      Isabel Streichhahn-Demers

      L.Ac., MAOM, Dipl. OM

      “Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished.”
      ~Lao Tzu

      Isabel received her Master’s of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (MAOM) from the New England School of Acupuncture, the oldest acupuncture school in the United States. She is licensed and board-certified to practice Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine in New Hampshire and Maine. Isabel’s gentle acupuncture style draws from Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Japanese acupuncture, and Kiiko Matsumoto style of acupuncture. Working in a variety of healthcare settings, from hospitals to community to private settings, Isabel has developed the ability to design comfortable and effective treatments to suit the individual needs of all her patients from infancy through our life long evolution. Isabel incorporates her background of Western herbalism, integrative health coaching (from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition), nutrition, psychology, and humanities to address each individual as a whole, focusing on a strong foundation to foster each person’s full potential for health. Isabel has been dedicated to honoring this complete medical system of Chinese Medicine that is over two thousand years old through the Eight Branches of Chinese Medicine that are used to stimulate the body’s inherent ability to heal itself.

      The Eight Branches of Chinese Medicine:
      1. Meditation
      2. Exercise
      3. Nutrition
      4. Cosmology/Astrology
      5. Feng Shui
      6. Bodywork
      7. Herbology
      8. Acupuncture

      Isabel is currently serving as the secretary for the New Hampshire Acupuncture and Asian Medicine Board, and continues her studies with her mentors as well as through continuing education opportunities to continually be at the forefront of what acupuncture, health coaching, and, herbal medicine can offer her patients.

      email: isabel@glowbodywork.com
      direct phone #: 207-400-7721

  • The GLOW Spring Cleanse

    renew, enlighten, synergize
    The GLOW Spring Cleanse

    Feeling ready to Cleanse? We are! A SPRING CLEANSE helps to restore a sense of calm to the nervous system, increase vitality and energy, support better sleep, enhance clarity and groundedness, reset digestion, support proper elimination, and prepare the tissues of the body for deep nourishment and rejuvenation. Learn all about the WHY’s and HOW’s of cleansing and leave feeling prepped to start your customized SPRING cleanse!




    The Everday Avurveda Cookbook is available to purchase at GLOW


    • Betty Moylan <br><div class="credentials">Ayurvedic Consultant, RYT, LMT</div>

      Betty Moylan

      Ayurvedic Consultant, RYT, LMT


      Betty Moylan is a registered yoga teacher, an Ayurvedic consultant and educator, and a licensed massage therapist. With a diverse background she can offer private, semi-private and group classes in yoga; massage therapy and Ayurvedic bodywork treatments, individual consultations, workshops and seasonal cleanses. All are tools to restore a sense of balance, health and happiness in your life. By combining ancient wisdom with contemporary reality, she cultivates awareness of your lifestyle: diet and exercise habits, rest, relaxation, and spiritual practice. Betty offers simple, sensible and practical recommendations for all those open to taking responsibility for their own well-being. The rewards yield balance, peace of mind, and inner beauty that radiates for the world to see.

  • MASSAGE 101: The Art of Giving & Receiving

    with Amy Hopkins
    MASSAGE 101: The Art of Giving & Receiving

    Calling all massage practitioners, yoga teachers, laypeople, and therapeutic touch enthusiasts! Come learn some amazing, easy, and powerful techniques to use at home or in your professional wellness field. Explore ways to make clients/recipients feel comfortable, offer appropriate pressure and depth, and dive into Thai Yoga Massage principles of deep grounding and relaxation touch technique. Amy Hopkins brings many years of experience massaging, stretching, rocking, compressing, and guiding clients and students alike through bodywork practice. Add this art to your professional and/or personal repertoire – this might be your favorite workshop you have ever taken! And what’s more is you LEARN TO RECEIVE as well as GIVE:)
    Supine, Prone, Side-lying floor positions, as well as some standing and seated positions, will be covered. No lotions or oils will be used and students will remain fully clothed.

    ***This class is NOT a certification. This class counts toward YA credentialing for anyone having taken GLOW Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training***


    • Friday 10/21/16 from 9:00-3:00pm


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    • Amy Hopkins</br><div class="credentials">RN, LMT, CCCE, E-RYT</div>

      Amy Hopkins

      RN, LMT, CCCE, E-RYT

      “Be the change you wish to see in the world.”
      ~Mahatma Gandhi

      Amy Hopkins is an advocate for wellness – plain and simple. Since earning her nursing degree from the University of New Hampshire in 1997 and her massage certification from the Boulder College of Massage Therapy in 2001, she has spent years creating a body of professional wellness work.

      During her early years working in Maternal/Child nursing in various hospital settings, Amy’s interest in holistic medicine was reinforced as she saw first-hand the need for it in her patients and in herself. In 1998, an adventurous move to Colorado stimulated her passion for all-things-healthy, mind, body, and spirit. It was here that Amy realized that wellness would be her life’s work.

      In 2009, Amy opened GLOW, LLC – an innovative studio that is the culmination of Amy’s unique blend of expertise, commitment to wellness and desire to develop and share this holistic perspective with her community and beyond. Amy loves being “the face of GLOW” and promoting wellness through her teaching of massage and yoga, collaborating with her colleagues to create the best wellness plan for GLOW clients and students, building lasting professional relationships within her community, and with travel near and dear to her heart, Amy especially thrives on taking her professional trainings “on the road.”

      email: amy@glowbodywork.com
      direct phone #: 207-641-7353

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